Religions in Indonesia

Don’t suprised if you found Indonesian people who have religion but they don’t pray or do religious activities. Because if you were Indonesian, you have to choose one of six religions: Christian, Chatolic, Islam, Hindu, Buddha and Kong Hu Cu.  Indonesia officially admits only those 6 religions (it means if you want register your national ID card you just have those 6 choices in religion field form). It’s because in basic concepts of nationality, Indonesia have point “Ketuhanan yang Maha Esa”, it have a deep meant that Indonesia protected by God and Indonesian people have to trust that they is possesed by God and will be back to God. Only 6 religions allowed to prevent another cults or stray sects that bring human go far from God. The 6 religions are determinated by historical view, in past Indonesia have influent religion from Arabian, Persian, Chinese, Indian who came as merchants or travellers and get along with Indonesian people and western came during colonialism era (Indonesia under taken by Dutch for 350 years).
-please CMIWW-


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