Indonesia’s Seasons

If you have travel plan to Indonesia, please don’t bring warm cloth except you have plan to visit mountains or you want to hiking there. In Indonesia the average temperature is never below 20 degree Celcius. Coolest temperature is felt only in rainy season. There are only two seasons in Indonesia (because its tropical area): rainy season (musim hujan) -October until March- and summer season (musim panas/musim kemarau) -April until September-. But because of the effect of global warming, Indonesia season have fluctuatively changed, and its called ‘pancaroba’. So you must bring umbrella or rain coat everytime you travel in Indonesia.
This ‘pancaroba’ season have more rain than sunny weather. It disserves Indonesian tourism, because Indonesia is archipelago (consist of thousand islands), so the most potential tourism are beaches and water activities (such as surfing, snorkling, diving). Not only sea, if its rainy, you also coldn’t enjoy mountain (hiking, climbing, rafting in river) and sky sports (such as paraceiling, skydiving). But you can enjoy cultural and historical tourism. You can try to enjoy living as indonesian people by visiting village (rural tourism/desa wisata) or if you love history you can visit old temples (Borobudur, Prambanan) and visit archeological museum which shows artefacts, fossils and many more antique things. Or maybe you can see various unique plants and animals in national park; wildlife sanctuaries (elephant, rhinocheros) or protected rain forrests (raflesia arnoldi). Just remember; tourist resorts in Indonesia are not only in Bali Island!!!!

up to date
current weather since last week (now: May 15th, 2011) Its hot!!! no rain.. (maybe around 37-40degree Celcius) And I think it will be same temperature until next month.


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  1. HGRTY
    Sep 21, 2015 @ 22:44:45

    nice grammar :”)


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