Indonesian’s Folktales

There are so many folktales (cerita rakyat) in Indonesia. And each story have legend site which it proves the tale. For example a famous folktale “Malin Kundang Legend” from West Sumatera. The story tells about a son, named Malin Kundang, who went to the other place to find prosperity and after he success, he forget his mother and birth land. He sail around the world and become succesful merchant. One day, his ship came to the place where his mother live. His mother happy when she heard his son came home. But the son, Malin Kundang, asshamed and throw away the poor woman whom acctually is his mother. Her mother felt down and cursed his son to be a stone. God heard and accepted that curse so Malin Kundang become real stone. Nowadays, you can find Malin Kundang stone in West Sumatera beach.  Even modern parents advise their delinquent children with this story (“don’t be like Malin Kundang!”).  There’re also many folktales in Indonesia such as: Sangkuriang, Roro Jonggrang, and many more.


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